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Dedicated to U

Intrigued by u not quite sure what caught me but,
Whatever it was I can tell u it got me, thinking of you
When I have extra time in my day, rehearsing and reciting
All the things I would say, if only we spent that time,
I feel I could make you feel me, give me more than just a moment
I'd have u satisfied completely.
Forgetting the physical cause I know I can please u
Just let me taste of your emotional and mental and intellectually tease u
Cease you from the stress that blocks your mind begging me
To give it to u one more time, so come and find out exactly where my beauty lies
Love you the right way bring tears to your eyes.
Let me play on your spine like soft strokes to keys on the piano
Awakening your symphony as my chariot swings low.
I am taken with u as if u didn't know so let's grow to a higher plain
That only holds secret desire dedicated to u.

Written by Jina Lofton


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