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I'm constantly stressin, testin my limits to the extreme.
Finding out that things are not always what they seem,
I mean like the words people speak hold false information
no ones real anymore and I'm losing my patience.
Tainted are the promises that pour from sweet lips
that try to find a way from my mouth to my hips.
I trip becuz I know whats really going on, u think u pullin wool
but I know the words to that song. It's been sang so many times
just remixed thru the years. I keep tellin u your wastin time but,
these thruths you do not hear. You fear the strength inside me,
want me to play the helpless role but that just isn't me regardless
of what u was told. Unfold the pages to my diary really get inside to find the true me
Not these clothes that I wear not even who I hang with, no matter who I am lovin or
who I do my thang with I'm on a whole nutha level that most people can not reach
so sit back and learn something as this lesson I will teach. To each his own
every woman for herself I can not live for u just like u can't for anyone else.
So just keep it hood and I won't have to test cha',
let me be me and stop feedin me pressure.

Written by Jina Lofton


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