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WWII Wide-World Of Intellectual Illiteracy WWII

Slavery, Institutionalized Slavery

You didn't take me away from a Place
You extricated me from Sacred Space Me

You developed and trained my mind
To blend in with your kind
To put you in the fore front
Leave myself behind

My mind was open to assimilation
Closed to self-realization
Education was the agent of control
Substituting society for my soul
An act of self-suicide for the good of the whole

Was it not the great minds of our times that sanctioned self-hatred
Made the truth oblique
Made education a conditioning process to obliterate being unique

Seek a role model, seek a hero
Don't seek being yourself, you're a zero
If education is the answer
It has a function similar to cancer

Americanization another appellation for education
Mind control, behavorial modification
Violence is a form of militaristic communication
I'm a clone, a mere cheap imitation

If I kill, it's because I'm trained
If I hate, it's because I'm trained
If I steal, it's because I'm trained

I don't know who I Am but because I Am trained
I Am A Professional !!

Written by Josephine Dixon Banks


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