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Democracy, traditionally nailed to the cross
The economic military, the surreptitious boss
No public employment just deployment, the cost
Human-Life, the unforgivable loss

New-Age feudalism fosters economic deprivation, the
Contemporary peasant, the pheasant under glass,
served to the royal-ruling class

The Political-Papacy makes love to the gold jewel
Prostitutes, The Golden Rule
The military tool enshrouded in

Hear, come Santa Claus, hear, come Santa Claus with gifts
Weapons of Mass-Destruction
Merry-Crucifixion, Merry-Crucifixion

Poverty, economical and societal sabotage
Maintained by the struggle for world-power, the facade
Of genocide's judiciary-legislative-executive entourage

Poverty, the parochial purveyor of democracy
The unilateral collateral for the aristocracy
The Holy Political Empire, the squire and page
Remnant from the patriotic, Dark Age

The poverty-police practitioners petitioning pander
People are prisoners to propagandized slander
Starved into surrender, all for legal-tender

People, the glorious labor-force for globalization
The justification for human immolation
The auspices of world-domination

The Tradition of Perdition, the crusades, the holy wars,
The war cry, the warhead, the welfare of warfare
Is war-fair, Is war-fair. Is war-fair
The war game, the war horse, the warmonger
The war like citadel, protecting vassals, slavery and the
Kingdom of serfdom, the Christian infidel
Secret societies, the pantheon of political hell
The new and improved Code of Silence, knell

Intellectual enterprise is merchandise in disguise as a
Global, culture-vulture, feasting on underdeveloped humanity

Written by Josephine Dixon Banks


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