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Political Picnic

Harvest time in an election year
League of legal lies litigating fear
Processed political peer pressure programs the volunteer
Prison camp indoctrination makes it's premiere

Psychological nit-picking produces thought reform
Cult-like recruitment, the phenomenal brainstorm
Bureaucratic mind, designed attitudes to conform
Regulated, gun to yo head mentality, the norm

Rape a mind, pick a weapon of control
Systematic extermination of free thought
The civilian death toll

Pick, The pledge of allegiance to human rights, Rationality
Life, liberty, justice, equality for all, the only, Nationality
Pick, The declaration of all human beings are born and
Ordained free
Citizens of the world…not a detainee

Harvest time to reassign the mind

Misconception, stolen election
Political orientation the miseducation
Regulated participation, social sublimation
Pathological prevarication proclamation

It takes an act of congress to define a, word
Military might maintains the handcrafted boy herd

Written by Josephine Dixon Banks


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