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I Am.

I am the dust that rises and settles with heaven's every breath
I am that 12th rib, man's completion, his protection.
I am selected to give birth to nations;
This body houses future kings, queens and leaders I am the essence of life...
I am that ingenious student at the top of her class
I am that dedicated careerist taking care of home and employees
I am that mother, that father, that wife, that sister, that daughter, holding everything together in perfect harmony
I am God's truest demonstration of strength.
I am not stuck on myself;
My giving nature to nurture makes me who I am - what I am.
I am not a just a pretty face, a size, a prize or an arm piece
My intellect is deeply rooted in Rome, my artistry and inspiration built its foundations
I am truly a lady as intended.
I am to be placed on a pedestal, waited on hand and foot; embraced.
I am every race, every shape, every creed and every color
I am everything that I was made to be
I am WOMAN...

Written by Emma Joan


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