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Slave man's Mentality

Need I remind you of how your Granddaddy
Great Granddaddy and others worked from sun up
To sun down to get Chit lings and Pigs feet from
Mr. Charlie colored man's meat

Now you have the audacity to turn down all those jobs
Playing dominoes and drinking beer with the unemployed
While your lover is slavering,
Where is your Pride?

It seems Mr. Charlie taught you well he sold the young
Strong black bucks and separated the black families and
You repeatedly walk out on your woman and your children,
Where is your Dignity?

And you want to get all the black tail
As you crawl into their beds feeding your lustful
Demons promising lies of love and marriage
Living in the Big House,

And when their belly gets swollen
How many of their babies will you deny?
You know like Mr. Charlie did,
Where is your Shame?

I say do your thing however you do it but have no doubt
You definitely have a Slave man's mentality, oh yea
Mr. Charlie taught you well

Written by Jobaby


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