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Where Do They All Come From

A homeless man unshaven, reaping needing a bath
with a look of desperation from following his path
Asking him how he ended upon the streets
Not even having shoes to go on his feet,
He took a drink with trembling hands and began his story
I was once a great doctor 'til alcohol stole my glory,

Across the street a man all dressed for combat
Fighting a war that no longer exist
While laying on a worn out mat,

Catching a glimpse of a little girl who looked to be
About eight, an intensified tug upon my heart,
Please don't let this be her fate

I can't believe what's happening in our world today,
All the homeless people with no place to stay

I pray we help these people, to get them off the streets
They are freezing in the winter and dying from the heat.

As the food trucks roll around people come from all over
Town, pushing, shoving lining up to eat,
The sad truth is they return to the streets
All the homeless people,
Where do they all come from?

Written by Jobaby


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