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There goes Ms. Lucy

Does anyone know where Ms. Lucy's gone?
Wherever she is I hope she's not alone
It all started when Ms. Lucy lost her job
She never knew life could be so hard

A single mother with three children to raise,
When the state came in they called her a case
They took her children to foster care
She cried tears of desperation
It's just not fair.

Now she's lost her car having no place to lay her head
She went from shelter to shelter looking for a bed
They said if you are not a victim we can't help you
If you are not an abused woman there's nothing we can do

She went to local churches saying help me please
They said we could pray for you, life is not a bed of ease

She laid her tired ragged body on a bench in the park
Ms. Lucy's life was snuffed from her sometime in the dark

She's gone now to the heavens above where she will always
fell much love
Residing there with the Heavenly King
As he puts on her angel wings

So there goes Ms. Lucy to her permanent home and there's
No need to worry she will never be alone

Written by Jobaby


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