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Reticent residents

Poisonous but potent, they leave us to assert
their gratuitous Remarks have left us open
Their lies seem pragmatic, vague promises,
words enigmatic.
So we acquiesce with detest, still
searching for our freeness.
Stuck in a quagmire of desire, really
just a catharsis,
Our hearts cleansed by the fire
An epiphinal moment of atonement,
Ambiguous phrases spoken by your opponent,
Have incessantly, presently, molested you,
And the world condones this.
But I believe that to concede is not a
half-win, but a total defeat.
One day these reticent residents will
overcome their negligence,
And become their own presidents.
To revere their inborn intellect,
and tell the world That We DEMAND Respect,

Written by Justin Wilson


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