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Love kisses and hate fists made Dirt and
Water the Sofia and Harpo of the nature
Their moments of pleasure created the
perfect incubator to a beautiful
roughneck...a roughneck that thought
tough was normal.
Dirt and Water's families came with their
own baggage.
Water's clarity and honesty was as shallow
and cheap as a Dollar Store kiddie pool.
Dirt's reality was as fake as Joan Rivers'
How does such beauty encounter these self-
absorbed elements that have morphed into
a super selfish force of evil in denial?

His eyes opened.
Stamens surrounded his face.
Sun, however, was on his mind and heart.
He watched older cousins, aunts, and
uncles rise to the surface.
Their victory blessed him with small
tendrils of heat across his petals.
He knew there was something special
about that place above him.
He couldn't stop until the sun and him
could play together forever.

Distractions tried to trap him and choke his
motivational spirit.
Ghosts of flowers past laid to his right and
left who's suicidal motivation overcame
their heart's drive for greatness.
           Anger controlled.
           Jealousy consumed.
           Depression called.
But...the sun.
The sun was his prize.
The sun was gold.
Dragonflies and bees buzz "Eye of the
Tiger" to his staples.
He ingested patience and searched for
company that wanted the sun just like he
Some of their petals were different colors,
but he didn't mind.
Moments of discouragement turned into
minutes of delight.
Minutes of delight turned into months of

He cherished those times.
Dirt and Water were not his end any
more...he had the power.
           To change the ending.
           To control the narrative.
           To connect finally with the
           victorious perennials who basked in
           the sun.

Written by JW Bella


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