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I told you truth:
            Veracity at its finest,
            Honesty's policy.
It was unacceptable.
Backseated to Comfort.
Comfort at the wheel means roads are unsafe and in danger.

I told you truth:
            Aged to perfection.
No ice to water down taste.
No juices or sweeteners to bring out the flavor.
Mixologist walks in flying cups and silverware to prepare your mouth's feeding of thirst.
My bartending is insufficient,
            Under par,

I told you truth:
Revealed my plan villain style,
Soliloquies and monologues practiced and practiced and practiced.
Splinters dug into knees constantly bent up and down.
Making sure my words aligned my actions,
                                               my heart
                                               my mind.
In walks Beauty sparkled by fame:
            No experience.
            No talent.
            No hard work.
Spotlights cast upon her makeup manicured facade.
I am a has-been.

Truth gets tires slashed when late to work,
Faces red from slaps of determined destruction,
Connections lost in Hebrew,
Wildernesses for infinity days and indefinite nights,
Time wasted-a nonrenewable resource to Earth's function and lifeline.

So why tell truth?
Because truth is worth it.

Written by JW Bella


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