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My Inner Glow

I don't need to Cry Out for
attention because a breeze
follows me wherever I roam
and falls over a room like a
dense fog. Although my aura
is as large as life-most of you
can't see me-or feel me-I'm
too different. Sometimes my
inability to blend scares me but
I'm most comfortable when I
stand out in a crowd. My solo
act SCREAMS for attention,
REEKS with sensuality,
BEAMS with pride and
DRAWS glares of envy. Not
that I possess exotic looks or a
perfect hourglass figure but
there is something that sets
me apart. That light you feel
and see for miles is emitted
from within me. My battle scars
aren't visible with the naked
eye only with the compatible
heart. Men can't put their
fingers on it.Women can't
mimic it. There is no How to Book or rules to guide you.
Only life and experience can
the glow that is you.

Written by Kai-Sonju Witherspoon


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