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Where Would You Be

If you could see the unforseen in a cloudy timeless
white sluber, dance rhythmically with the ancient
eygiptian ancestors amist the pounding rain, touch the
sun welcoming in newly found peace everyone yearns for
where would you be?

If you could sit in a haven of bird chirped songs, lie
beneath the warmth and growth of the mothering soil,
smell your way into the heart of a blossoming scented
flower where would you be.

If you could take flight on the unforgiving wings of
emotions, cry to the divine guidance pushing you
through this her journey where would you be?

If you could
do reh mi until you fah so lah teed, closing your eyes
methodically, crossing your legs slowing your
heartbeat bringing you into an ahhhhhhh.
The sound of God
where would you be?

If you could suck in sensations of senuality, roll in
neverending thoughts of the undermining opposite
gender. Crawl in the cave of a hungry beings darkened
belly where would you be?

If you could lavish yourself in an unadulterated
satisfing moan or a moistened lovers quivering "Oh my
God" groan,
Melting singular as one where would you be?

Could you just sit and recongize the importance of
knowing how to just be?

Written by Kasi Mani


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