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When I had u

What I had and lost with u
gives me a hard time these days.
In the end I would decide
it was a blessing
to have u had in my life.

Because nobody can take that from me.
And it made me to who I am today.

It made my soul deeper,
my thoughts wiser
and my words courageous.

You gave me wings to fly.
You took care of me
the way I needed to be taken care of.

Being with u felt as if
the tightrope walker of my soul
lost its balance
floating in the wind of my emotions.

I express, dream, hope, feel
more intense
since u appeared in my life.

The past will always
keep us connected in some way.
As long as mine and your memory works.

But it´s my empty life now
which shows me
how incredibly rich it was
when I spent time with u.

Written by Kathrin Boy


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