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Do you know?

Do you know
that all that carries me along
is the hope of ever seeing u again?
Of ever touching u again
of ever being touched by u again
of ever being ONE with u again.

Carries me through this hell called separation
tries to deal with my desperation.
HOPE, please help me through my hopelessness!

Do you know?
My hands are thirsting to arrive on your skin.
My lips for meeting yours again.
My soul wishes for another dance with yours.
My eyes long for yours to take me
to the only place I wish to be.
My spirit needs the connection to yours
to fly to the other dimension.

Let me rise from the caves of my pain
to the horizons of dedication and love.

Do you know?
I´m in love with your untamable spirit.
I´m in love with the rhythm of your soul.
I´m in love with all of that you are.

Do you know?
You are the treasure I never assumed to find.
Only to u would I reveal my tears.
Only u can soothe my pain.
Kiss me to soothe this pain.
Kiss me YOUR way.

Written by Kathrin Boy


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