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My African Prince

You are a hue of colors.
A rainbow of tan and brown.
You are sweet and heaven sent.
Whenever you are around.

You make me feel like I am free.
Free to love-Free to be love.
You are sweeter than anything
That I could dream of.

Your sensual lips traces my neck.
Implanting a soft chocolate kiss.
My skins melts in your mouth.
My sweet African Prince.

I'm madly in love with this man,
Who spins my heart strings like thread.
You make me feel like a princess.
You give me intoxicating music in my head.

He makes me feel like I am flying.
Flying so high.
And in that moment,
I feel like I can touch the sky.

If I could live a hundred years,
I don't ever want to miss.
Your coffee skin and cocoa eyes,
My sweet African Prince.

Written by Kathy L. Martin


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