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The Essence Of A Black Woman

You can see the essence of a black woman when she walks into a room.
Her beauty is like a flower that blooms.
She doesn't need a man to be strong,
Because she remains a woman all on her own.
She overcomes challenges that stands in her way.
The inner strength she has gets her through the day.
She continues to triumph with elegance and grace.
While being a double jeopardy because of her sex and her race.
She is a goal oriented woman with style and confidence.
She never forgets where she comes from and for that she is blessed.
She has faith in God and not ashamed to acknowledge his presence in her life.
She can testify that without him she could never endure any sacrifice.
This black woman of beauty is the mother of all.
And for that we should be proud and stand tall.
Everyone around her can feel her presence.
For she is a Black woman of essence.

Written by Kathy L. Martin


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