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My First Love

I never thought I would learn to love,
until I met you.
You taught me how to love
like real lovers do
You taught me the true meaning of love.
Now I know what true love is because of you.
You taught me how to let my soul be free.
And how to make my dreams come true.
You are my one and only first true love.
I have learned to love and trust like none before.
I cherish every moment we spend.
Each moment that is spent makes me love you more.
I was unwilling to love.
I fought all feelings I had inside.
Then I realize there was no reason
to fight nor to hide.
You told me once, you told me a thousand times.
About how precious our love could be.
I never thought in a million years,
You were describing you and me.
You have given me so much joy.
You brought me happiness to chase the clouds away.
With my love,
I will happily repay
You are my first love,
my one true love I shall never forget.
You are the love of my life.
And I thank God each day for the day we met.

Written by Kathy L. Martin


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