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My passion for you burns deep within my soul.
You are more precious to me than any silver or gold.
My passion for you fuels my fire.
You give my heart a burning desire.
Your touch is soft and tender.
Your every caress makes my body surrender.
You bring me to my passions a feeling deep within.
As you plant your sensual lips upon my skin.
You touch my soul with passion with ever sweet kiss.
Bringing our passion beyond a heated bliss.
Your body lies next to me, and is pressed closely against mind.
We get lost in the ecstasy leaving the world behind.
I need you like I need air to breathe.
You fuse in my heart a passionate love that no one can conceive.
We entwine ourselves in ecstasy of every condition.
Feeling our passion rise in every love making position.
Our ecstasy flows giving such pleasure.
As we wrap ourselves in this love we share.
Passionately we kiss as our bodies move rhythmic like a dance.
I find myself in a paralyzing trance.
A sensational rush passed through my body making my hair stand up on end.
Our passions, our desires, our lusts races through our bodies again and again.
I could make love to you all night long.
It feels so good, it feels so strong.
The weight of your body collapse on top of me.
I wish this night could last forever this night of ecstasy.
Still hot in burning desire
We grow like an amber of fire.
I wish this night would never come to an end.
But it is well worth the wait to receive this gift again.

Written by Kathy L. Martin


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