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When a woman love

When a woman love
It's without bounds; hesitations
limitations and for-ni-cation

When a woman love
The world seize to exist
like Adam and Eve

When a woman love
She will fight for her man
made strong from chains
drag in the rain to foreign terrains

When a woman love
She is tolerant of his shortcomings; deficiencies especially
his deliquencies

When a woman love
She plans to restore him
to his gleaming: charming
deeming perfection

When a woman love
She knows he never knew
love devotion; tenderness
true love like hers
so consuming compelling;
stimulating body mind and soul

When a woman love
she speaks to his inner
child while carrying his first child
giving life to his legacy

when a woman love
She love without bounds;
hesitation; limitation;
for-ni- cation

Written by Kency Desmangles


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