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I Can't Do This

I can't do this
I can't do this
I refuse to waste my
Positive outlook on you
Because now you
Don't seem to like me
Always worrying about
Your exterior things
Low cut jeans and what to you
Seem to be cute high heel shoes
Only to show off frontal and posterior
Views of you
I can't do this
I can't waste my positive energy on you
Asking me where I learned all
My big words from
That question is really dumb
My words aren't big it's just
That your brain has become so small
Spending all your time on the phone
Or at the mall
Even with binoculars you
Couldn't see or understand my views
And even with those shoes that make
You look like your 10ft tall
You could never reach my level
So next to me you stand small
I can't do this
I can't waste my time on you

Written by Nicole Kidwell


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