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Thoughts pace
Mind races
Body waits
The feeling of you hand
Hovering over my skin
Body in a state of shock
Paralyzed by my thoughts
Touch me, I want to scream
Lingering the tingling sensation covers me
You do you tease me so?
My soul cries out to be touched by you
My body lies motionless...
What more can I do but dream,
Dream away during this heavenly torturing…
Dreaming away in this heavenly...
Clouds part and emotion pours down
Like rain, you are the reigning
Champion of my soul
No one as a hold on me
Like you do, soul reaches up
And goes right through you
Because our bodies have not yet
Connected, starting to feel
A little neglected as thoughts
Travel thru the unknown and
Unexpected…but yet I'm protected
Within the boundaries that shield in
You and me, but still am
I dreaming
How is it that I feel
Every motion, every notion
That you body suggests
Your every emotion committed
Emitted thru your finger tips
Flip the switch, and you can see
As on the light goes, and my body
Glows like the after affects
From having sex, but we haven't
Touch yet…physically….
You've penetrated and invaded
My body's sanctum every
Inch of my inner space
Mind paces, body races
Thoughts waits
And wait and wait
As the mental orgasms
Claim my entire body.
I wanna wake up and grab you
Forget asking if I can have you,
Wanna tear off and take all of you
That I need, but when I wake up will
I still be in a dream?

Written by Nicole Kidwell


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