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"You Know You Want To"

It's what I do
You know you want to
Let me do what it is I do
And give you what it is
That you're entitled to
If you can get into
These words that I mention
I can relax your mind
And stimulate your senses
And by the time it's over
Leave you defenseless
By my touch, caress you in
A verbal notion, a still verse
From a life in motion. Poetry
It is my potion, can I
Put you under my spell
My words put at ease
A stressful day, words sound
So good they become a craze
Like the phrase that pays
Just won't go away
Forever etched in your brain
I wanna touch your soul
And let my words soothe you
I wanna stand you still
And let my words move you
Uninhibited is how I express my mind
My journey of days now and then
Cuz at the days end its
Just me and my pen
So can I let you in
You know you want to
Don't you?

Written by Nicole Kidwell


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