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"Grand Opening"

Grand opening
"A can't miss", the sign reads

Cut open my chest and let it fall
Spill out on this paper
and when it falls onto this page
will the paper turn into flame from rage
or will if flow sweetly like one of
those fountains of serenity
or full of energy like a child on a sugar rush
or will it hush, and not tell you anything

A can't miss, grand opening
A sure fire hit
Hit, the floor, the wall, the door
Or maybe just in time, hit your mind
Before changing what you think of me

Come don't miss my grand opening
Come see everything there is to see inside
Come find out all about me
I'm starting to have doubts about this thing
Why all of a sudden this interest in me
Oh yeah, of myself, I've made something
Not filthy rich, wealthy, well I have money

Down and broke about to choke on your verbal abuse
And your excuse for mistreating me was because
I didn't have anything. And now you're hounding me cuz you wanna see

Grand opening, for who, not for me
I don't need to see, I lived the stories,
Went through the struggles and found the glory
And for your enjoyment
I'm supposed to tell you everything. Not Really!!!

Take down those damn signs
You never did and you still don't
So why now get to know me?
Oh yeah, I have money…
You obviously don't know me
I'm walking away now
So screw this grand opening.

Written by Nicole Kidwell


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