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A lover's Air

The nights that I lay beside you
Holding on to every, thoughts of your essence
Drawing you closer with every breath that I take
No longer awake because I only have you when I dream
So what does this mean?
My arms reach out to hold you
But in reality you're nothing but air
You're in my head, never really there,
Never really where I'd always hoped you'd be
Can never see you in a way I'd hoped I'd see
All I can do is breathe…
Close my eyes and dream
All I wanna do is sleep
All I wanna do is be, with you
Whenever, wherever, how ever that means.
Hoping that in this world when I dream
Will invade my reality
Reality, of mine that is so cloudy,
I live in my mind anyway
When I am awake thoughts overcrowd my mind
And I can never find serenity
It seems to be the only place where I am at peace…
Nights that I lay beside you
In this bed that we share
In this bed of air, in this bed of nothing there
Nothing there but just air
My world is so unfair…..

Written by Nicole Kidwell


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