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Time's a Wasting

I sit motionless and watch the clock
In the dark corner of the room
The seconds hand continuously spins round
And the minute hand won't move
One minute just won't turn into two
I don't know what to do
My mind wanders aimlessly
The look as though I'm in a daze
Is worn upon my face
Time keeps on moving for you
But for me it's broken…I'm stuck
But that's just my luck
What could I have done to be here?
What did I miss that is so near?
This clock has stopped for something
What am I not seeing that's there?
The window above the clock
Shows no promise, the light never changes
So there's not really a chance of me knowing
What time of day it really is…
Not thinking to check that the
Battery might be dead my mind
Reacts a little as this all floats in my head
The battery has sum type of life,
The seconds hand still spins but
The minute hand won't start so
This hour can't end…
My minutes are not wasting away
Because it's in this minute that I stay
I count down 60 seconds
And this minute hand still won't move
60…59…58… I'm starting to look
For something to do
57…56…55… I pinch myself to see
If I'm still alive
I'm fully awake but it seems
Like a nightmare
I'm standing right here and the
Answer is right there, needing to get
From point a to point c, but I'm lost to find b
My mind has gone blank
My thoughts have now left me
No longer able to fully think
I might need a shrink
To tell me this is all an illusion
I need sum type of conclusion
What the hell is up with time and my mind?
There's something that I'm missing
Something that doesn't belong in this picture
I hope I catch some glimpse of an ending
Because this cycle is vicious.

Written by Nicole Kidwell


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