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Heart's Broken Pieces

Teary eyed and in a state of weakening
I came to you…
Wondering if you could touch upon
And bring to life what looks as though
It's not beating…
Trying to hold it together
Pieces slipping thru the cracks
Of my fragile fingers…
Stitched and stapled, taped and glued
Wondering if you have the materials
To make what is broken brand new
Can you help me?
Asking shamelessly because I have
Nothing to lose, trying
To repair on my own what
Has been used and abused won't do
It takes the strength of 2, hoping the
Other half of this strength is you
Because I can't bare the shame of
going thru this pain again
there's now a hollow space in side
where love once resided and now there
a risk of it permanently taking flight
if I can't get this right and replace its home
it has no room to roam.
Faint beats drowned out by the sound
Of cries. Hearts so tired of trying
But without it inside I feel like I'm dying

Written by Nicole Kidwell


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