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The Truth Behind My Eyes

I cry more than I smile
But nobody really knows
I mastered how to hide
What goes on inside.
But this time it's too much to take
The damn behind my eyes breaks
And the tears come rushing down my eyes
Like water over the falls
Emotions push with enormous force
And break thru walls as sadness appears on my face
Worry defeats my strength
As I wonder why I am here
In this set of emotions, so complex,
its vexing full of second-guessing
forever questioning if you want me,
well do you?
Let me know because right now
You hold the key to improve my mood
I'm tired of making excuses
I'm tired of feeling useless
Tired but yet so scared
Of not knowing what to do
The first one you forget
And the last one you remember
Well that's how I feel
That's what u give
Leaves me to wonder what it is
That I am doing wrong
And how long will it take for
Me to decide which side of
My mind, my heart, my soul will win
And only then when the 3 come in agreement
Will I truly be will I truly see
What destiny has in store. Because I don't
Wanna fail, but I can't try alone
I don't wanna jus let it go
Especially if this is just an obstacle
I am meant to go thru
Which just brings me to the million dollar question:
What do I do?

Written by Nicole Kidwell


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