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Autumn's Love

Thoughts beyond our dreams can wake us unto life
Plotting, scheming, living, breathing, meaning solid light
Reasons to confuse us moving soothing passion grey
To purpose us to distance X to Y we pray to save
History of misery a life of cello's symphony
Hear the tone cold the moan of being what to be
Eternal day sways the mind to waives of altruism
Behold but wait today is late to give of ones decision
How can we full of frailty rise alive from torment?
I've heard of one who was a Son to rise alive from torment
Burned is man from desert sands and dead to waters crest
While in the middle torrents drizzle moisture of his chest
Do we live to die while dying to live again?
Death will thunder a last moment wonder of the promise land
Meadows, falling feathers, and the thought of autumns love
The singing hills roll pain away the majestic lovers throng
He sings of things from treasures springs and spreads the wings of sunshine
Holding close the broken hosts of mankind's failing lifetime

Written by Kile Jones


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