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My African King

The one whom I adore
The one I can't get enough of
The want I want more and more of

Your hair, your face
Your touch, your embrace
Your dark chocolate skin
Your deepness within
You are a man built to last

A man who can rule the world
A man more precious than diamonds or pearls

Your stamina screams power
Your words exemplify intelligence
There is nothing negligent about you
my African Prince

You speak with ease
You work with determination
Even the sweat from your brow could
blow up the universe

You are just that powerful
You have the power to do anything
To be anything you want to be

You are a vigorous being
You are my Emperor
You are unparalleled to anyone else
I know

Without you in this world life would have
no meaning

So I thank God for you My African King.

Written by Kimberly R. Lynon


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