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Enemy ME

Some may see
and think of me as some kind of ex-military
Or an anti-establishment victim
who got caught up in the system.
Or a quasi-political, left-winged radical
but I merely advocate for politics that are practical.
My contempt and my mistrust
only makes me stand up for what is just.
So, I'm not a radical extremist seeking a final solution
although when I do talk of revolution,
its not a revolution in terms of tearing down
but a revolution in terms of turning around.
Seeking not to revolt but to revolve.
I seek solutions and resolve.
And I ain't been in the military
but I am militant.
Although I mean my fellow man no ill intent,
I seem to be the one they wonder and worry about
while I'm figuring out the way
the game gets played.
Because I don't have to be an ex-convict
released from a lengthy prison stint
to know that the prison industry complex
ain't but so complex.
Or that there is nothing but slave labor to see.
A perfect match for our slave mentality.
Free labor performed by a captive work force
with work forced in shops,
or on chain gangs
but with no choice.
Left with no voice
except for screams of pain, frustration, and agony.
The condition of my people remains sad to see
and I speak out on these things because you have to see
that corporate sponsorship
plus government censorship
equals the unsanctioned political debate
that gets discussed amongst cellmates.
Jailbait for the socially conscious.
Exposing the game.
Imposing the shame on their conscience
in avoidance of a war on being terrorized.
Like Apartheid but now somehow Americanized.
A veritable ethnic cleansing
and the mixed subliminal messages sending
an unwelcoming helping hand to the illegal immigrant
in a nation that was founded by immigrants.
Some came unwillingly and others were willing.
Contributing through the buying and selling and stealing
of our incarceration …
our revolution …
our service …
are all valued highly but also regarded as worthless.
Calling forth Black liberation from an unjust system.
An unjust decision
based on circumstantial mitigation
and subjected to litigation
for JoAnne Chesimard, Mumia Abu Jamal, and countless others.
Exiled or incarcerated sisters and brothers.
'Cause the in same spirit of heroism was terrorism
seen by the dawn's early light
but it was called an "eerie scene of a war zone" by some
and by others "a destruction site".
By any name, it is a rage against the machine called industrialization
with America held in contempt as an industrialized nation
and death rained down from above as airplanes crashed into buildings,
moving trucks filled with explosives killed children,
and anonymous bombing attacks delivered via U.S. mail
damned US all straight to Hell.
Home-grown, foreign spawned,
or sponsored abroad-
who is the real terrorist?
This Black man who ain't got shit?!?
Or that green eyed, star spangled beast?
I say, "no justice- no peace"
because that's the way America wants it.
She flosses and she flaunts it.
but just in case you are still wondering about me
or what I am not.

Written by Kommon Knowledge


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