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Faces of Death

The wages of sin?
with war being waged on whatever is left.
Fuck the glory
but its all guts and gory at times.
Its been said that Grand Theft Oil is the crime committed.
Although bullshitted on CNN broadcasts
and put off way past the deadlines,
WE can still read in the headlines of the Washington Post,
the LA Times, and newspapers from coast to coast.
But why can't WE all see this?
WE suffer the same injustices
from Sarajevo
to Soweto
to Somalia
or Bosnia.
Played by too much of the same.
Game theories
on the Israeli realities
of lobbing bombs into Lebanon,
or Syria.
The same realities of Palestinian insurgents
as extremist splinter cells emerge and
become secretly shrouded
like suicide bombers when buses become crowded.
Hearing explosives cry
like hearing explosive cries.
Seen the same as through a soldier's eyes
the heinous crimes and atrocities.
Ferociously slaughtering innocents;
women and children.
facing their deaths.
WE see their faces of death
replacing what is left
of our world as a stage
for senseless wars being waged.

Written by Kommon Knowledge


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