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Wannabe Black Panther

Peace be unto The Movement.

To Kwame Ture,
Assata Shukur,
Mumia Abu Jamal,
Jamil Abdullah al-Amin,
and my other
sisters and brothers,
As-Salaam Alaikum.

"Wa-Alaikum Salaam" the answer is going to be
as this Black Panther wannabe
is expected to over react quick,
call for boycotts
and protest on some pro-Black shit.
Criticized as being a wannabe Black Panther
who creates more problems than answers.
But whether over reacting
or covertly acting
behind the scenes on mindless fiends
who blindly help the rich get richer,
as bullshit gets thicker
the drama varies
from social
to political commentary
on our state of the union as a nation of Black folk.
And perhaps more of US need to over react so
WE can all become a nation of Panther wannabes
instead of doing nothing.
Instead of talking shit to me,
peep history:
Bobby Seale made it the "Chicago 8".
And they stirred things up at the Democratic National Convention in 1968.
If They Come in the Morning: Voices of Resistance
was written by Angela Davis.
She was a Communist.
Influenced by Maoists,
they labeled Huey P. Newton as Marxist-Leninist.
Richard Aoki was a co-founding Black Panther and Japanese activist.
See, ain't no mystery within our history
but when WE become hopeless and helpless,
WE become self destructive.
But inside all oppressed people
are wannabe Black Panthers trying to get out.
America is a nation of wannabe Black Panthers just dying to be let out.
And that Negro-like complacency
masked by the face of criticism
breeds the sort of cynicism that WE need to get out.

Written by Kommon Knowledge


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