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How can you brainwash a child, when his eyes don't lie?
Discrimination and Racism passed right before his very eye

When his eyes receive freely, how can you tell him a lie?
Is it because of illiteracy that you try to justify?

Why is color an issue, and who invented Racism?
A heartless method to pass Hate, Injustice and Favoritism

What reason is acceptable or logic enough to understand?
Scum of the earth is how they define the colored man

Is fighting against injustice, defining as to no avail?
And a particular race overcrowding in a prison cell

What about all the hate that is gain from being a victim?
Lengthy years totally lost, confined in a wicked system

Misery your best friend, evil thoughts in a continuous rhythm
Exceeding your usual, making your entire body shiver

Praying persistently, because you're sure you need guidance
Answer descended, and it was only a silence.

Debating to serve Satan because you feel your luck will change
Foreseeing a genocide is the only reason for Refrain

Written by LaRon Coleman


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