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I sighed deeply as I awoke, trying to find a smile
But reality soon revealed that it was over a million miles

Couldn't find the motivation, or the strength to move
But the cold voice of my oppressor, reminded me that I was a trained fool

Get up and make your bed! Is what I heard as a Demand
What a great power that man has over man

Do you know the feeling, to be in a hole inside a hole?
Surrounded by evil and your bestfriend is your soul

To search for your peer in that enormous crowd of plenty
Stopping in your tracks, realizing there aren't any

Can't sleep away my sorrow because soon I must awake
In an environment filled with jealousy, Racism and Hate

If I could go back, would my results be the same
Probably so, because I wouldn't have experienced a damn thing

Satan made me a proposal but Death was a strong possibility
I had to decline, apparently because I enjoy living

I put my faith in God and rely on Visible hope
And I tell myself one thing, Man never has the final say so

Written by LaRon Coleman


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