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I fought with all my strength, but my body appeared to be locked
My first thought was a horrible dream, then again; maybe not

Adversary stood over me, if I'm correct, it was two
Strictly about business, muthafuck a ridicule

I put forth effort to move again but my body disagreed
Tried to identify my enemy's reason, but I don't think I option greed

My mind must have slanted, before I knew it I was bleedin'
Lost my voice at the fearful sight, I couldn't even fuckin' plead

My eyes became tearful defining a frighten man
Double shot erupted, introducing hollow points to my glands

The horrible pain was instantly but I couldn't even scream
Mouth extended to the max, but couldn't utter a thing

Tears descended from my eyes forming a temporary trail
Thank God it wasn't permanent, felt too much like Hell

As I laid on my back, looking my assassin in the eye
I knew he had won, but I question God, WHY?

I got no answer and soon figured the entire thing
I woke up in sweats; it was only a Horrible Dream

Written by LaRon Coleman


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