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Unconscious Reality

Unconscious reality we have a lot in common
Like sense, knowledge of self, and born confidence
I am the moon and you are the stars
So I know we can go far
Gave you earth lessons
But you kept me second guessing
Must have learned your lesson
Or fell off the map
Where you been at?
Now your back
Like life after death
I been missing you Hip-Hop Princess
Rollin up my chocolate deluxe, in a Dutch
You can get touched
Much respect due
To you I'm true, to who?
My name were one in the same
Unconscious reality
With thug mentality
Born in the last week of February
A mystery
The Month of Black History
A Mocha- Valentine
Damn, you're fine
Claiming the Pisces sign
Divine infinity
Ready to get tossed
A big girl now
Was a Black girl lost
Then paid the cost
To play with major playas
Dissed me when my third eye was closed
Because of the life we chose
But now we can grow
Like the rose that grew from concrete
To make our lives complete
In Information Technology
Laptop Lovers
Mahogany like Diana and Billie D
Ebony got secrets, so Fuck Vickie
Friendship means more to me than a quick hit
I'm righteous
I just might reminisce to this
When I'm unconscious

Written by Larry Dixon


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