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Soul Mate

Natural beauty
With an easy going nature
Can't wait to date ya
Intelligent mind and nice behind
That's good to me
Pretty feet, tight jeans, and nice titties
Strawberry kisses and Cristyle wishes
Shyness with little girl innocence
Cruel intentions
Soul like Eyrica
Passion like Billie
When tipsy, she acts a little silly
Loves to play
Not a lesbian, but goes both ways
Dedication to stay
When talking about her man
She gets carried away
Brilliant sense of humor
I wish that I meet you sooner
No ring, but is my wife 4 life
Believes in my dreams
Completion of coffee and cream
Gorgeous smile
When we meet, no sex
Let's wait a while, like Janet
Together we can rule this planet
If it's meant to be
Spirit free like Alicia Keys
Face like Chante'
Trendsetter like Mary J
Promiscuous but not a whore
Waiting for me to come off of tour
Taste leaves me wanting more
Always in a good mood
Body like a stripper
With a project girls attitude
Set in her ghetto ways
But still attends night school
Can cook like Patty
Make a house a home
Memorized all of my poems
It's gotta be fate
Now I know I have found my soul mate

Written by Larry Dixon


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