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American Beauty

Nubian Princess' come in all shapes and sizes
It sends my heart a flutter
From blackberry molasses to the complexion of butter
Your presence brings me to my knees
And I begin to stutter
Before I can speak I just mutter
Your hair, jet black or nappy
Either way you want it makes me happy
Your style and grace is so mystifying
Ageless beauty that leaves me sighing
I love the way you look
With your creamy golden brown skin and nice full lips
The way your waist is small with shapely hips
Small hands with manicures finger tips
Almond eyes and small pointy nose
The way your breasts bounce because you walk on your toes
The attitude in your glide makes me shiver
You deliver confidence and elegance
I am truly blessed to be in your presence
I know that I'm a king
So can you please be the queen
Now bless me with your company
American Beauty
You will always be in my heart truly
Do you want to rule with me?
Because that's our Destiny
Or you can be independent
Because you can do that too
I'm not mad at you
Do what you gotta do
I'll always be here for you
Looks like an angel
So soft and feminine
Breath smells like cinnamon
Much more pretty when your attitude
Isn't ignorant
To what you posses is magnificent
No other creature walks this planet better
Or ever could be
You are truly
An American Beauty

Written by Larry Dixon


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