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Ghetto Royalty

Somewhere in Maryland
Project pavents get blessed with a fresh pair of Timberlands
Strictly buttas, or white Air Force ones
He's like a lion on the hunt
King of the Jungle
But, if provoked he will quickly rumble
Over his territory
Worked too hard for the fame and glory
This is one in a million stories, of
Ghetto Royalty
Lieutenants salute him
Girls flock to jock
Street soldiers never seen him
But know of him
Haters mean mug him
But, give him props
Pushing big whips
Never getting stopped by cops
Got little shorties on rooftops
On a round the clock watch
He got in the game at twelve
Inherited the block
When his older brother got locked
Natural born hustler
Now days, he doesn't have to shot
Just sit back and collect loot
And maintain his stable of ho's on the block
Learned the pimp game from his pops
And got a head for business from mom dukes
Even took accounting classes at night school
The hood is his home
And he's king of his thrown
The nicest apartment in his project building
He's a legend and a hero too little children
When they grow up he's who the wanna be
He's Ghetto Royalty

Written by Larry Dixon


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