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Tender Eyes

I've been looking for you, in my heart, my soul, in my mind, even the areas I made grow
cold (oh so cold).
Tears of a mother crying con-stant-ly -Trying to hold in the m-i-s-e-r-y
-so no one could see
Hoping to be embraced while kissing your sweet, sweet face
I know that you are charming- maybe even alarming
But praying to see you is what I do every morning
My heart is overwhelmed
Pouring with this love I've felt
It's been 12 long years and over the years
I've cried so many tears
Wanting to know your fears
-and where I fit in
Wondering if you miss me like I miss you?
Do you wish for me like I wish for you?
Longing to be embraced in your tender arms
Keeping you so safe from harm
Remembering how you were from birth to 4
Dreaming of what the lord had in store
How you would grow and want so much more
Knowing I couldn't be there to give you more

Written by LaVonda Jones


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