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When we first started, my world had just departed
Never knew a man could, show me that a man would
Brighten up my days and nights
Aw all night long we'd pillow fight
Made me smile with just one thought
And I knew right then you had my heart
In one night you made it real
Showed me just how to feel

Then in one night you made me cry
Made me want to say goodbye
You have me so confused
That I don't know which road to choose
I'm tired of playing make believe
Sick and tired of you stressing me
I'm tired of being oh so lonely
Why can't we be- baby why can't we be?

So here's a little honesty (for you)
Baby I love you (yes I do)
Can't even imagine (life without you)
My heart won't miss the fear
Of the stress that kept me here
Baby I'm tired of waiting on you
But my head is clear and I am done with you!

Written by LaVonda Jones


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