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Sunrise in dusky light; sorrow seethes,
a rayless harbinger of havoc, an unthought omen of death,
whence came, who captained and crewed this plane of doom?
Dispassionate desperadoes orchestrated this dastard plan,
woe betides, tragedy rampaged with innocent lives;
death,hungry death throed in bestial arrogance,
as the plane of doom darted towards the world trade center,
in sporadic swiftness and seismic rage it clashed,
it clashed with the tower, and rendered the horrendous crash.

The news spread in tremulous voices,
despaired heart received it in stunned silence;
the bread winner is lost, our loved ones are lost,
bereaved soul mourned in sad ocular tears,
sanguine sun sailed down with a gentle phlegm:
Alas!The wicked did is done!
Evil incarnated mastermiders celebrated the sadistic don.
Merciful God sighed and shooked His head on His throne,
the hearts of men can be terribly wicked, Ah, who knows?
Tis a moment that inflicted pains and left severe scars,
may God give fortitude to bear the loss, of those whose lives were lost.

Written by lawore ibukun abraham


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