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Moments of emotional grieving
plunges a thought of negative conception;
the heart is heavy, the mind is weary,
all hope is gone; results are unexpected recurrence of defeat,
my heart dispairs, my life is sinking!

In life's tragedy with what hope will i be living?
i am rejected by friends, mine is unending tails of depression,
i never felt pretty enough, my light seems dimming,
this storm is overwhelming, should i weather or retreat;
nobody's there, no one cares, is God even listening?

Moment of prayer, heart full of faith, hopes to my unbelievings;
my God shall arise and take my life to a point of elevation,
my lost glory shall be restored and my destiny keeps redeeming,
my good times will come, my life has got the lift;
in my promise land will i be, with my sun remains ever shining!

Written by lawore ibukun abraham


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