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If I Could Change The World

If I could change the world I would start with myself,
My heart would be clear of hate until none is left.

All the feelings of hurt, sorrow, and anger would be erased,
Then joy, peace, and happiness would be put in its place.

There would be no more stormy days and cold nights,
Only sunshine and smiles in my new life.

No more I can't because I'm a young black man,
But now I'm a young black man, so I can.

View people for who they are not who they seem to be,
That is the reason why some people misjudge me.

I would always remember what goes around comes around,
So to receive good treatment I won't put others down.

Some people will be the same and never listen,
Realizing now I have to rethink my mission.

Well maybe I can't change every boy and every girl,
So now I say, if I could change my world.

Written by Leon Williams, II


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