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From One to Ten

Your style is so different, you stand alone,
Like the number one, you can hold your own.

Together you understanding me, so the same to you,
Now add that, you and me will equal two.

I also see three, I'll show you how that can be,
Our love has formed a bond between you and me.

Separated, but still on my mind and me in your heart,
Two of me, two of you, that's four when we're apart.

I love your hair, legs, and eyes, don't ask why.
But look at this, those things add up to five.

Stop, I made a mistake, there's one thing I missed,
The sweet hug you give to me, that make six.

Baby girl you are special, like an angel from heaven,
I am lucky to have you like the number seven.

Like hands with no thumbs, something is wrong with my day,
Me without you or eight fingers isn't complete anyway.

I'll keep it simple with this verse number nine.
I care about you, so I want you to be mine.

Girl, stay with me, I'll be there until the end,
Because you are perfect on a scale of one to ten.

Written by Leon Williams, II


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