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A Special Lady

When I look at you, I see joy mixed with pain,
You have been hurt, but your smile still remains.

Your're like a fine wine that gets better with time,
Sometimes I deeply fantasize about you being mine.

Your face is like the sun, it lighten up my day,
Some reason I have to smile when you walk my way.

You are more precious than any diamond or pearl.
Holding you make me feel on top of the world.

Yes I love your body it is as sexy as can be,
But it's your sweet personality that really interest me.

I sense the hurt deep in your tender heart,
That's why I need to be close, not far apart.

You say I'm your friend, but is that even true,
If I was, you would call me, so I can be there for you.

Well, I don't know if you will ever open up to Lee,
But a special lady, that's what you'll always be.

Written by Leon Williams, II


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