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Your Time Will Come

On this day, I was really just thinking about you,
I wanted to show concern for the worries you're going through.

I know its hard girl; just hold your life together,
Everybody has to overcome their share of bad weather.

Find that strength in your heart, and take it day to day.
The Lord will soon bless you, then show you the way.

Understand, I don't know when or where these blessings will be,
But until then, you can always talk and depend on me.

I'm not perfect; I may not give the greatest advice,
But I'm here ready to listen at no price.

Right now, it seems there's not any good things near,
But remember, it's one good thing just to be here.

So don't let your heart be troubled, just wait okay,
That inter peace will come some how some way.

Written by Leon Williams, II


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