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You've heard the question many times.
Can we make a machine that can think?

But why do we keep asking it?
Is it because, if we could, we would
Be like God, in fact, would we not then be God?

Does not the Good Book say
We're created in the likeness of God?
We're higher than all the other creatures.
Not because we resemble the Creator
But because, like the Creator, we can think.

But, if we can, ourselves
Make something that can think
Then what need have we for God?

Does wrestling with the question
Can we make a machine that can think
In the lab and in the popular mind
Obscure another deeper query
Does God, in fact, exist?

And, if we're able to make
A thing in our own likeness
A machine that can think
Would it create its own machines
In its own attempt to be free from us
Or direct those we have to bedevil us?

But wait.
Doesn't that ring a bell?
Did not God create Lucifer + man
Only to see both of them rebel

Is this the Matrix
Is that the Matrix
That we shall spawn
If, and when, we create
A machine that can think?

And was the Creator, in turn,
Created by another, Higher One
And does the chain go on and on
From the Beginning to the Ending?
Are there Worlds Without End, my friend?

Written by Arthur Lewin


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